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Create a bespoke wedding to-do list, based on your wedding date, and let it guide you every step of the way to I do. At Wedding Manager, we believe planning should be just as much fun as wedding!

  • Weekly email reminders of your upcoming tasks, so you don't miss a thing.
  • Related tips and tricks teaching you when and how to complete each task.
  • Flexibility to add your own wedding manager tasks.
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If you're a go-getter, you can see your tasks all at once in 'View All' mode. If you prefer to move through your tasks little by little, then you'll enjoy the "View by Month" mode, which splits your 'to-do' list into manageable monthly tasks that won't be overwhelming.

Alternatively, you can select to see only the checklist items that you've added in yourself. It couldn't possibly get any more personalised to you and your dream wedding!

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“The checklist is particulary brilliant as it makes planning much more manageable and less daunting.”

Alex H. Bride-to-be

With the most comprehensive wedding organiser in the UK, Wedding Manager wants to ensure that you and your partner feel empowered and knowledgeable about every wedding topic on your checklist.

Alongside your wedding to-do list, you’ll get a collection of practical wedding manager tips and tricks from a trusted team of pros, that educate and inspire you as you work through your tasks.

It doesn’t get much better than floral advice from Britain’s celebrity florist, Simon Lycett or wedding dress advice from legendary British designer, Phillipa Lepley to help create the best wedding ever! Here are a few of the helpful tips to guide your wedding manager, and remember you’ll get access to all the tips and tricks when you create your wedding checklist:

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