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Personalised Wedding Guestlist Manager


Keep track of invitations and RSVPs with your wedding guest list tool!

Who do you want to be there to witness your union, and who are the firecrackers that will blow the doors off on your big day? With Wedding Manager's Guest List tool, you can keep track of your invites, RSVPs and total attending numbers for the celebration of the century!

  • Split Day and Evening Guests so you can have total control of who’s coming and when they should arrive.
  • Link up partners and families to make address collections and RSVPs' easier for groups.
  • Manage RSVPs in a single location so you and your partner can stay up-to-date on which guests are attending!
Create your Free Wedding Guestlist

Who will you add to your list?

From the beginning of your engagement, you and your fiance can quickly add the names of your nearest and dearest to your own lists. Does mum need her personal list? Go ahead and create one for her. Your wedding guest list template is yours to personalise.

As your wedding manager progresses, you can quickly and easily move guests from "Waitlist" to "Day" to "Evening" status, and link partners and families with each other. Your personalised wedding guest book evolves as your wedding plans come together.

Manage and update your guestlist template by adding addresses, phone numbers and any necessary notes as you go. By the time you’re ready to send your invitations, your wedding guest list will be in tip-top shape - and you’ll be ready to start managing your RSVPs!

Add a friend to your guestlist

“I really love how you can manage your guestlist and easily search through lots of local suppliers in one place”


Imagine all your favourite people in the world gathering in one place to celebrate you and your partner - it’s a wedding dream come true! But before you finalise your guest list, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got all the details sorted. Are you inviting children? What’s your policy on guests bringing a date? Should you invite your boss? Do your guests have any dietary requirements?

Wedding Manager knows you need guidance on how to decide who makes the cut for your big day, so we’ve put together a number of useful tips and tricks for you - your wedding guest list guide awaits!

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