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Wedding Supplier Shortlist


Keep track of your saved and booked suppliers with your shortlist tool

Even the sharpest of minds can’t remember all wedding suppliers that have caught their eye during a browsing sesh – believe it we’ve tried! With your interactive Supplier Shortlist you can organise the suppliers you’ve viewed and loved, find new suppliers you are yet to discover, and add and compare supplier quotes. Finding and managing your suppliers has never been so easy!

  • Save and organise favourite suppliers with a simple tap of a heart. As you view suppliers, keep track of those who caught your eye
  • Add supplier quotes and easily compare prices of different suppliers in the same category
  • Mark as booked and you’ll gradually build up your entire supplier list, all on the same page, so you can easily refer back to them
Create your Free Supplier Shortlist

Organise your suppliers from discovery to booking

For each category of event supplier from Wedding Venue to Florist to Entertainment, you and your partner will need to go through the process of research, discovery and selection. You’ll need to keep track of all the prospective supplier options for each category, and add and compare quotes so you can make the best, most informed decision.

Once you’ve decided on a supplier, simply mark them as booked (yay!) and your Supplier Shortlist slowly evolves into your booked Supplier Manager..making it easy to view all of your wedding contacts at once.

It’s the simplest way to manage all the suppliers you’ve considered with single, easy-to-use tool.

Add a wedding supplier to your Shortlist

“I used the search function to look for different suppliers and shortlisted the ones I thought looked promising. I wanted to be able to show my fiancé my ideas for the wedding, to see what he thought. I also wanted to save the ones I liked for my own reference so I could remember the good ones”

Eithne, Bride-to-be

Choosing a particular supplier for your wedding can be time-consuming and a bit daunting since the average wedding involves more than 10 different suppliers from wedding venue to cakes, to rings, to dresses, to photographer and videographer...the list goes on!

Have no fear, Wedding Manager is here to help you ask the right questions and figure out which suppliers are right for you...so you can keep calm and feel confident about the wedding suppliers you’ve chosen. Read through some supplier tips, tricks and advice to help you find the right suppliers to add to your Shortlist of favourite suppliers:

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